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Lychee & White Mint - 4711
Lychee & White Mint - 4711
4711 Acqua Colonia, LYCHEE & WHITE MINT -170ml - 4711 ONLINE

4711 Acqua Colonia, LYCHEE & WHITE MINT -170ml

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Aromatic fragrance : E X H I L A R A T I N G 
Life is a celebration and far nicer when you face the occasional monotony of everyday life with exuberance and good cheer: this exhilarating fragrance transports you to tropical worlds and puts you in a good mood with its exotic freshness. The translucent fruity note of the lychee meets an unusually soft minty accord, leading to an invigorating creation that gives a whole new impetus – and makes a good day an even better one!

Lychee – fruity
Lychees can make a positive contribution to cell protection as well as supporting various metabolic functions. This exotic stone fruit, also called love fruit in Asia, lends the composition a subtle sweetness and aqueous fruitiness.

White mint – fresh
Mint is considered a culinary all-rounder: often used in cooking and drinks, it is also an aromatic fragrance plant. Its essential oils are one of the most popular essences in aromatherapy –  they refresh the senses and have a stimulating effect on the exhausted mind.