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4711 Acqua Colonia SAFFRON & IRIS - 170ml - 4711 ONLINE
4711 Acqua Colonia SAFFRON & IRIS - 170ml - 4711 ONLINE

4711 Acqua Colonia SAFFRON & IRIS - 170ml

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R E L A X I N G 

Iris and saffron, two particularly precious ingredients, which fuse together to form a velvety whole and bring clarity of thought through their fine fragrance. The combination of warmth and gentleness lends a touch of relaxation to everyday life.

Saffron – spicy, warm
The essential oils of the precious saffron threads are used primarily due to their calming properties. The warming components have a positive effect on mood and calm the spirit.

Iris – powdery, soft
The iris has an elegant and powdery scent. A hint of luxury from nature itself. Softly it wraps and stabilises its wearer, unfolds its pure, fine, floral nature and in so doing fortifies intuition and creative energy.


extra information:
Saffron is a violet-blooming type of crocus, whose flowers produce threads of saffron as an aromatic and fragrant spice. Known as "red gold", saffron threads have to be harvested by hand, making saffron one of the most expensive spices in the world. The intensive fragrant oil of the iris is extracted from the root in a multi-stage process after a maturing period of up to five years. One of the most valuable fragrance oils of our time!